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Lady Michelle: Lick my dirty socks! Come here slave, crawl to me very fast!! The slave will now take off my stinky sneakers and then lick my dirty socks. I want to see him lick every inch

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Miss Karey: Lick my bare feet! The foot slave is allowed to take off my cleanly licked high heels and then lick my bare, sweaty feet. The soles of my

Goddess Sheila: After a bad day, I kick the slave in the face with sneakers - frustration relief. The slave has to be available for my fist reduction. I have to

Goddess Sheila: Your best experience, you under my bare feet. I offer you the absolute feeling and the best visual experience that you will ever have: You under my bare feet

Serena: Today I flatten the slave face under my feet. Today I take my breath away with my beautiful feet. I sit on the body of the slave and flatten

Miss Eagle & Miss Anna: It continues with your foot slave training. We're taking off our sneakers now and you're going to suck off our dusty, sweaty socks. First of

Goddess Sheila: My slave kitten on a leash can suck my feet again. I love playing with Maria as my foot bitch. She is on a leash and I want her

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  • Lick my dirty socks!

  • I’ll have my bare feet licked now and you’ll watch

  • Suck my heels like a cock bitch!

  • I want him to lick my big, bare sports soles

  • My slave kitten on a leash can suck my feet again

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Goddess Sheila: My old, well-worn Adidas sneakers have to be licked clean. I have a special surprise for you today. Today you will lick my old, often worn Adidas sneakers

Princess Serena: My socks hard in his slave's face. The loser lies right at my feet. A perfect position to dominate and tease him. The loser can kiss my silver

Miss Kimberly: Licking the bare feet of an 18 year old student. After you lick my boots and socks. Can you kiss and lick my bare feet now? I take off

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  • Lick my sexy black heels

  • Lick my dirty pink Sneakers

  • Lick our feet and pamper our toes

  • Cherry Prestons Footslave

  • I am now showing him my superiority