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Goddess Sheila: A day with my foot bitch #3 Still relaxing on the bed. Welcome to my video series " A day with my foot bitch " in which I show you what a day with

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Miss Shenya: Do you want to lick my festival boots? I'm wearing my Festival Doc Martens and you gave me a sign that you like these boots. Do you want

Goddess Sheila: Before I met my friends in the shisha bar, you licked my dirty shoes clean. But: I don't want to go to the bar with sweaty feet either. You

Goddess Sheila: You're licking my old slippers clean now. Do you see the dirt on the soles of my old slippers? I wear these slippers while cooking, going to the basement,

Princess Serena: After licking my dirty sneakers clean and telling me the sweat from my stinky socks, you can now pamper my bare, fragrant feet. Look at her! Do my

Sweet Serena wants to trample on him today with socks. She wears her sexy, cute, pink socks. She prances on him, she presses her feet hard in his face and

Goddess Sheila: I let the foot slave lick my dirty sports sneakers clean after the gym and now he will lick my bare, hot and sweaty feet. He has to

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  • #3 Still relaxing on the bed

  • A Day With My Foot Slut #2 First Coffee.

  • A Day With My Foot Slut #1 Morning Greeting

  • My foot bitch licks my pink shoes clean

  • Lick my bare feet now!

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Rocker Lady Shelly: The slave can now take off my old, fragrant socks and lick my bare, big feet. He can clean my soles with his tongue and suck my

Miss Luciana: Lick the socks of a 19 year old mistress. after my dirty UGGs boots you are definitely horny for my fragrant socks. I wore these socks in my boots

Goddess Sheila: Well my foot slave. Will you crawl back to lick my high heels? I let my foot slave lick my high heels clean again today. He crawls over

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  • Lick my sexy black heels

  • Lick my dirty pink Sneakers

  • Lick our feet and pamper our toes

  • Cherry Prestons Footslave

  • I am now showing him my superiority